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If These Rock And Roll Legends Were Alive Today, They Might Look Like This

It isn't random that many musicians have died young in past decades, hence the term "party like a rockstar." While many groundbreaking artists have surpassed the test of time both in their music and longevity, we'll never know how life today would be different if lost musicians had survived all this time. Would Cobain have […]

Wildly Successful Bands Who Got Their Start While In School

Getting an education is important. It can set you up for success in your chosen field, provide you with networking skills you'll need later in life, and if you're really lucky, it can help you form a wildly successful band that's loved by millions of people all over the world. Okay, maybe that last part […]

The Final Performances Of Iconic Bands Before They Disappeared

Bands come and go, as none of them have the ability to stay relevant or keep playing music forever (unless you're the Rolling Stones.) While some bands may have created more of an impact or are more successful and popular than others, they all have one thing in common: They all have their first show […]

We’ve Only Just Begun: The Story Of The Carpenters

In the late 1960s, Richard and Karen Carpenter formed the brother-and-sister duo the Carpenters. Richard arranged the music and played the keyboard while his younger sister Karen sang vocals and played the drums. Together, the Carpenters are still the top-selling and top-charting brother-sister group of all time. Signing their first record deal as a duo […]

The Greatest Frontmen And Women In Rock ‘n’ Roll History

From Patti Smith's punk poetry to Prince's defiant sexual appeal, these singers defined what it is to be a rock star.

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Man arrested on assault charges after punching actor Steve Buscemi and another person, New York police say

Clifton Williams, 50, is facing charges of assault in the second degree and assault in the third degree in the two incidents last week.

The last pandas at any US zoo are expected to leave Atlanta for China this fall

The last U.S. zoo to have pandas in its care is preparing to say goodbye to the four giant bears this fall.

American medics trapped in Gaza call on US government to help bring them home

At least 22 American physicians were trapped in Gaza after an Israeli military offensive in Rafah last week shuttered the city's critical border crossing to Egypt.

Hundreds pack funeral for Roger Fortson, the Black airman killed in his home by a Florida deputy

The funeral came a day after Fortson's mother vowed to get justice for her son.

Get the Facts: A look at economic claims made by both major presidential candidates

Recent economic claims made by major presidential candidates have been put under the microscope, revealing some discrepancies.

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