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Photos And Stories From Woodstock That Show Its Miserable Side

August 1969’s Woodstock Festival was nothing short of legendary. With an epic lineup that included everyone from Jimi Hendrix to the Grateful Dead, the festival has gone down in history as one of the most iconic events of 1960’s youth counterculture and set a precedent for epic music festivals that we have today. But “Three […]

Inside The Presley Family And What Priscilla And Elvis’ Marriage Was Really Like

Elvis Presley went by many names. “The King” was one of them. This man became one of the most famous musicians of his time and went on to cement himself in history. He and his wife Priscilla and their daughter Lisa Marie became America’s first family in a way. But with all of that fame […]

If You Own These Vinyl Records, You Could Make A Fortune

Vinyl sales have skyrocketed since 2015. Collectors old and young have dug up some hidden gems in all genres. Maybe you own an oddly colorful Nirvana album worth a couple thousand bucks. Or perhaps you pay 75 cents for an album worth $25,000, like one man did.If you know what to look for on your […]

The Final Performances Of Iconic Bands Before They Disappeared

Bands come and go, as none of them have the ability to stay relevant or keep playing music forever (unless you’re the Rolling Stones.) While some bands may have created more of an impact or are more successful and popular than others, they all have one thing in common: They all have their first show […]

These Annoying Songs Are Sure To Get Stuck In Your Head

We tend to get the most annoying songs stuck in our heads. Why can’t we get some James Taylor stuck up there? But, no, we hear two chords of the opening for “Call Me Maybe,” and we’re stuck with Carly Rae Jepsen for the rest of the day.Keep reading to learn more about some of […]

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Crashing the Boards: OU advances to Women’s College World Series semifinals

Sports Director Bryan Keating and Elgin Rucker discuss the Sooners’ and Cowgirls’ performances so far in the Women’s College World Series as well as OU and Oklahoma State baseball in regional play

Many big companies continue LGBTQ support, Pride Month celebrations amid boycotts

Dozens of big companies from Delta and Coca-Cola to Walmart are sponsoring LGBTQ+ Pride events and displaying racks of Pride-themed merchandise.

Police investigating possible murder-suicide linked with motorcycle crash along OKC interstate

Police are investigating a possible murder-suicide linked to a motorcycle crash early Monday morning in northwest Oklahoma City.

Multiple crews respond after plane crashes at Sundance Airport

Multiple crews responded after a plane crashed Sunday at Sundance Airport.

WCWS: Sooners to face Stanford in semifinals; Oklahoma State eliminated after loss to Tennessee

Below is what you need to know about the 2023 Women's College World Series in Oklahoma City

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