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38 Facts About Sammy Davis Jr. Of The Rat Pack

You may have heard stories of Frank Sinatra and his famous group of friends, dubbed the Rat Pack. In the ’50s and ’60s, this group of entertainers, which included Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, practically ran Hollywood. They performed together, made films together and participated in some major bad-boy behavior […]

20 Bands That Broke Up On A Sour Note

Music can define the soundtrack of our lives. Whenever a band comes out with a hit song, sometimes we can relate to what they’re singing about. However, when they break up, can totally devastate their fans.Whether your a fan of pop or rock, this will shine a light on why these bands fell apart. Some […]

Guitars Almost More Iconic Than Their Rock Icon

It’s not just musicians that shaped rock and roll history — so did their guitars. These iconic axes are almost as important as an extra band member and lent their unique sound and look to some of rock’s most talented icons.Randy Rhoads’ Polka Dot VWe’re not saying the Polka Dot V is the most iconic […]

39 Overrated Bands Of All-Time

While they might have some catchy tunes, some bands are really overrated. For example, take Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5, both very accomplished bands but, listening closely, people find songs in their respective albums to sound very similar.From the clumsy rock bands of the 70s to the tacky pop music of the 21st century, here […]

The Best Bass Players In History

Every member of a band has a role to play that makes the group sound like one fluid system. Whether its the drums keeping the beat, the singer belting out lyrics, or the guitarist playing the melody, every piece is crucial. One of these necessary elements is the bass. Either electric or acoustic, the bass […]

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Red River Showdown: What you need to know before OU takes on Texas

It's early October, meaning it's time for the Red River Showdown.

Trader Joe's finally brings back free samples

Trader Joe's will offer up single-serve snacks and treats for customers to nibble on, but hot coffee won't return, according to employees at New York and California stores.

Crashing the Boards: Oklahoma State gets huge road win against Baylor to open Big 12 play

Sports Director Brian Keating and Elgin Rucker discuss the Oklahoma State Cowboys’ road win against Baylor as well as the Sooners’ big loss against TCU.

President Biden tells Puerto Ricans he's 'committed to this island'

Hurricane Fiona knocked out electrical power to the U.S. territory of 3.2 million people, 44% of whom live below the poverty line.

Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw shares he's had 2 different bouts with cancer over last year

Bradshaw appeared to become emotional as co-host Michael Strahan began praising him.

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