S.C.O.R.E. Broadcasting stands for South Central Oklahoma Radio Enterprises. It consists of five radio stations, and one low power FM translator, owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation since 1996.

The original KADA-AM signed on the air in 1934, making it one of the first radio stations in the state, and in the country! It was started by community leader Dr. C.C. Morris, who was also the Pastor of Ada’s First Baptist Church, with the radio station operating out of its basement. In the beginning, the station was only on the air a few hours a day, only to broadcast sermons. In the late 30’s, the station was moved to its present location at 1019 North Broadway and eventually managed by Bill and Katherine Hoover, a legendary broadcasting family who went on to start KTEN-TV.

Over the years, many well-known air personalities came through the door, including soon-to-be CBS anchorman Douglas Edwards, who is considered to be the first Network TV anchor preceding Walter Cronkite. Other well known “local” names included Davey Owens, John High, Monte Bell (and sons Terry and Berry Bell), George Miller, and Buddy Kessinger.  KADA has been the start to many other people going on to bigger and even better things in the industry.

In the 80’s, the original KADA-AM was still “top dog” in the market, even though it had two other FM competitors. FM was still considered a relatively new technology, but KADA really needed an FM “sister” station, so in 1988 radio station KFIX, formally KASX, was purchased and turned into KADA-FM, owned jointly by Katherine Hoover and Roger Harris, who remains as the station’s General Manager. The FM station was moved into the 1019 North Broadway location where the AM station was housed.

In 1996, the Chickasaw Nation had a new Governor, Bill Anoatubby, who was determined to bring new and unique businesses under the tribe’s umbrella. The Chickasaw Nation purchased both KADA-AM and FM, and retained General Manager Roger Harris to bring the stations into the 21st century. The building was remodeled and new, up-to-date equipment was purchased.

In the early 2000’s, a new FM station in Ada had signed on the air. KYKC was a 50,000 watt country-music format station owned by local businessman Dexter Pruitt, making it the most powerful station in the market. In 2005, the Chickasaw Nation entered into a deal to purchase that station and move it into the existing KADA building. The North Broadway facility now housed three radio stations making it a dominant advertising force in the market and a staff full of long-time air personalities who were well known in the community.

In 2008, two additional radio stations were purchased. KTLS-FM was licensed to Holdenville and featured a 25,000 watt signal and had a long history of playing classic rock. The other station which had been operating jointly with KTLS was known as KKFC. This station was actually licensed to Colgate and had been a Classic Country format. When these stations were purchased, there was no additional room in the Broadway location to house the facilities, so another major remodeling project was undertaken. Two on-air studios were built, along with a production studio, two additional offices and two restrooms. KKFC’s format was then changed to a Top 40 format and a call letter change to KXFC.

After all of this occurred, the radio group decided to market itself as S.C.O.R.E. Broadcasting, to emphasize that the stations were a “regional” operation, concerned with numerous outlying area communities, not just the local Ada area. The stations also put a great deal of emphasis on sports, carrying the Ada High Cougars, the University of Oklahoma, the OSU Cowboys and the East Central University Tigers, all on various stations within SCORE.

SCORE broadcasting takes pride in its outstanding stable of well- known air personalities and long-term sales people who take pride in their advanced relationships with advertisers. This has led to great success for the stations owners, the Chickasaw Nation, and sets the stage for a productive future as a major media force in the market.

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